The WDSM, World Dance Sport Movement, is a new Italian movement aiming to assemble all worldwide amateurs dancers, sport dance technicians and dance workers, which need to experience the dance world in an open-mind and enriched way. Our Mission is to make amateurs dancers, sport dance technicians and dance workers happier and more satisfied thanks to the innovative DANCE GOLD system: the new method of judging and conducting Sports Dance competitions, based on the evaluation of different parameters. With the DANCE GOLD system, the concept of competition is completely different: no one is eliminated, everyone is evaluated. Currently the Dance gold System guarantees the perfect performance evaluation of a sports dance competition. Our plan for 2021 is to attend the World Sports Games 2021, which we will be very glad to participate to, because we will have the opportunity again to join the CSIT spirit of making friendships and make better understand our new “DANCE GOLD system” evaluation method, through our competitions. CSIT (Confederation sportive Internationale Travailliste et Amateur – International Workers and Amateurs in Sports Confederation since 1913) is recognized by IOC since 1986.





2022 Events 


DANCE INFINITY MARATHON Date to be defined  

The 1st DANCE INFINITY MARATHON will take place in Italy (Date to be defined)! For further Information...