Dance Infinity Marathon


Dance Infinity Marathon

The WDSM has the pleasure and the honor to announce an absolute news, an exclusive format: the DANCE INFINITY MARATHON, created by the teacher, Mr. Davide Gabusi.
A World Championship of Line Dance and Group Dance, first edition ever!
A rich jackpot of Euro € 10.000 (ten thousand) to who will last to infinity.
"The WINNER is" whoever lasts longer than all competition's participants
Don't miss this incredible absolute news, the World Championship Dance Infinity Marathon!
It's a great challenge and also an important SOCIAL and gathering moment.
We hope for a large crowd! Date to be defined!
Available soon: all info about date and location!
Whoever lasts it, wins it! The € 10.000 jackpot, a guarantee!

Songs List


1 Dj Berta 3min. 25sec.
2 Dj Berta 3min. 40sec.
3 Pedro Capó, Farruko 3min. 53sec.
4 Takagi & Ketra, Elodie, Mariah 3min. 07sec.
5 Jolly - Bulikirály 3min. 25sec.
6 Fito Olivares 2min. 43sec.
7 Dj Berta 4min. 10sec.
8 Benji & Fede 3min. 05sec.
9 Dj Berta 3min. 26sec.
10 Vianello Edoardo 5min. 39sec.
11 Master KG 4min. 12sec.
12 Wil Campa Cuba 4min. 16sec.
13 Carlos Vives, Shakira 3min. 43sec.
14 Alvaro Soler 3min. 20sec.
15 Giusy Ferreri, Elettra Lamborghini 2min. 31sec.
16 Dj Berta - Tommasi - Domeniconi 3min. 48sec.
17 El Gato dj 3min. 55sec.
18 Dj Berta 3min. 25sec.
19 Ighlif Triberti 4min. 00sec.
20 cover by Salva Ortega - Mayte Macanàs 3min. 44sec.
21 Andrea Bocelli - Jennifer Lopez 3min. 11sec.
22 Jang Yoon Jeong 3min. 25sec.
23 Jason Derulo & Jawsh 685 2min. 47sec.
24 Fernando Rey 3min. 07sec.
25 Alvaro Soler 3min. 24sec.
26 Paolo Ombra · Alberto Girgenti 3min. 00sec.
27 Village People 4min. 45sec.


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Partecipate to the competition

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Dance Infinity Marathon is a competition’s method for disciplines in which the performative activity is supported by a musical rhythm. Dance Infinity Marathon is the only system, which consists of duration and physical resistance-based competition; in detail, the competition is evaluated on the participant ‘s resistance over the time. Any method of judgment that foresees that a registered participant wins the competition for durability, lasting longer over the time, “whoever lasts longer, wins” is to be considered "Dance Infinity Marathon”.